Prototyping Tvor

Tvor still exists only as a protoype although we are currently working to develop it into a product that could be manufactured in small series. Here, the previous significant prototypes are documented.

The First functional prototype was a result of a long journey of experimenting with possible principles of Tvor’s movement. Testing of this prototype highlighted various issues, particularly with the balance, that needed to be addressed further in the development process.

The next prototype suggested the future design of the shell with the components inside visible in the transparent body.

A Testing robot was constructed before the production of a full-size prototype. It’s main purpose was to test the program and all the components working together.

Tvor Beta made its debut in June 2010 in the Gallery of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague It was the first full-size prototype. Its shell was moulded from non-transparent ABS. The single source of light in the head made Tvor Beta look more like a spotlight.

photo: Jakub Schenker

Tvor is still at the prototype stage. We are currently looking to develop Tvor into a product that could be manufactured in small series. The proportions have been slightly altered and a different solution for the wheels is being designed.

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