Living things were established in 2009 and born out of excitement for the possibilities of new technologies. We are a collective of designers based in the UK and the Czech Republic.

photo: Jakub Schenker/

Living Things are experimenting in the field of interactive design, striving to create inanimate beings that appear to have lives of their own and elicit an emotional response from the viewer. Apart from plans for further development of Tvor, we also have several new projects in the pipeline so stay tuned in.

Tvor and Fireflies are well-traveled creatures. The furthest Tvor has ever been is Christchurch in New Zealand. In 2011, it was shown in New York (USA), Munich (Germany), Sofia (Romania) and Bucharest (Bulgaria) as a part of traveling exhibition New G(o)ods! More recently, both Fireflies and Tvor were exhibited in Prague, Brno and Olomouc (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria), London (UK) and Helsinki (Finland).

We occasionally do ‘Tvor walking’ when we let Tvor loose in a public space for the passers-by’s amusement and enjoyment. If you are London or in Brno you can get in touch if you would like to see Tvor.

Get in touch
UK: Jana | +44 (0)77 1626 0038 |
CZ: Jindrich | +420 776 310 914 |

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